About Us

Flawless Style. Impeccable service. Always within reach.
Ebrar Boutique is your one stop shop for all things fashion & art.

Ebrar Boutique is a contemporary male and female apparel and accessories boutique that will open in downtown Bangil and malang city, East Java. The idea for the business was initially generated by their parent in order to fill a potential local market at that time. Ebrar Boutique will provide young or old fachion style, male and female consumer with a combination of products and services that is unlike anything offered thus far. The goal of the business is to deliver a unique yet stylish collection of Boutique apparel and accessories that changes frequently with reasonable price.

The name, Ebrar Boutique was chosen because it implies a sense of elegant, creativity & innovation expression, and these are several ideas that could easily be used to describe the busines’s target customer. Our customer enjoys fashion and seeks apparel and accessories that are trendy, yet still allow both him or her to stand out a little from the crowd. They seeks a formal or informal fashion, unstuffy party or hang out environment but expects attentive associates. All of these things are what Ebrar Boutique will provide with creativity and innovation. Ebrar Boutique has much experience and will apply their work and educational knowledge to effectively run the business with creativity and high innovation.